Le restaurant

Main dishes

Salad and omelette

Salad "Cave des saveurs"   16.50€

(salad, smoked salmon,crab meat,prawns,avocado,tomatoes,maize,foie gras,melon)

Salad "Campagnarde"   14.50€

(Salad,mushrooms,lardoons,tomatoes,poached egg,potatoes)


Omelette with cheese, mushrooms and ham   10.50€

Omelette with goat's  cheese and tomatoes   11.50€


Meat dishes

Hanger steak with shallots   16.50€

Beef ribsteak   18.50€

Fillet of beef   24.50€

Tartar steak   15.50€

Duck breast fillet with pink berries   18.00€

Rib of beef for 2   48.00€

Sauce of choice: pepper-béarnaise-shallots-maroilles cheese

Regional dishes

Fillet of chicken with Maroilles cheese sauce   14.80€

Cold meat in aspic   14.50€

Chitterling sausage with mustard   15.00€

Flemish-style beef and onion stew with beer   14.50€

Welsh "cheddar, bread with beer and mustard, boiled ham"   14.50€